新聞週報 Weekly Diary, No. 365 (15 – 21 August 2009) Sao Yawdserk urges Asean to investigate Burma on its recent abuses and stop it from its killing spree before “more refugees flock into Thailand.” (SHAN) Weekly Diary, No. 365 (15 – 21 August 2009) Saturday, 22 August 2009 12:03 JUNTA FINDS A LOBBYIST! ABUSES IN SHAN STATE TAKE A BACKSEAT! ROHINGYA IN THAILAND EXPECTED TO GET BETTER TREATMENT! FROM STANDOFF TO FACEOFF! CartoonTips for the Senior General Think Piece There is always a promise to do something, a few little steps, then a terrible backlash.Ruth Dreifuss, ILO member, AP, 25 March 2005 I used to dream of escaping poverty by making a success of my business. Now I know there are worse things than poverty, and more important things than financial success. In Burma we lived constantly in the shadow of death. Bangladesh feels like a place where life can begin again. Hossein Hag, a Rohingya businessman in Bangladesh, New Stateman, 21 August 2009--------------------------------------------------------------------------------The 酒店工作World16 August 2009US military C-130 transport aircraft lands in Taiwan. It is also sending two heavy-lift military helicopters to Typhoon Morakot hit island. Beijing has offered to provide helicopters. (AFP) To compare with Nargis hit Burma – Editor 18 August 2009Former Korean president (1998-2003) and Nobel Peace Prize winner (2000) Kim Dae-jung dies at the age of 85. (Agencies) 20 August 2009China’s defense ministry launches its first website “to let the outside world have a better perception” of its defense policy and “help enhance foreign exchanges and cooperation.” (Irrawaddy)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------International Relations15 August 2009Jim Webb meets junta chief Than Shwe and Ms Suu Kyi. (Agencies) 16 August 2009John Yettaw arrives in Bangkok on a military plane alongside Senator Jim Webb. He is driven from Don Mueng to hospital. (Bangkok Post) 16 August 2009Jim Webb’s intercession for John Yettaw disturbs Burma activist 好房網s. “The whole thing happened because of Mr Yettaw. If they could release him why can they not release citizens of their own country?” NLD spokesman Nyan Win says. (AP) 17 August 2009US Senator Jim Webb, on his return from Burma, says: It is his clear impression that Aung San Suu Kyi is not opposed to lifting some sanctions It was communicated to him earlier that there is no truth to reports about Burma having a nuclear program He calls for diplomatic pressure on China to nudge Burma towards democracy and national reconciliation (AP/VOA/The Nation) 17 August 2009Win Tin, 80, senior NLD leader, who was hospitalized on 15 August, is in good condition after undergoing an operation for a heart condition. (Irrawaddy)18 August 2009Suu Kyi’s lawyer Nyan Win clarifies her position on sanctions and other subjects: Interaction in the country must be established first so the country may benefit from relations with the international community She had not discussed the tourism issue with anyone rece 汽車借款ntly As she was not the one who imposed sanctions, she is not in a position to lift them She does not see China as a ‘fearful influence’ as referred to by Senator Webb As for whether the NLD should participate in the coming elections, she told Webb she needed to discuss the matter with party members (Irrawaddy) 19 August 2009Critics warn Jim Webb’s visit could be used by Than Shwe to bolster his image and win more concessions without conceding any ground to improve human rights and to let a democratic culture flourish in Burma. After all, UN Chief Ban Ki-moon did not get to meet Aung San Suu Kyi. “The winner was Than Shwe, not Webb,” says Zin Linn, information director for the exiled government. (Irrawaddy) 20 August 2009 Senator Jim Webb’s visit may yet prove to be extremely significant: He is for “re-engage” Burma The talkative politician was overly coy, extremely evasive and continually non-committal leading to suspicions that he is hiding something He was given a ceremonial reception, with al 房屋買賣l top generals present, that is usually reserved for visiting heads of state (Bangkok Post) 19 August 2009John Yettaw flies back to the US this morning. (AFP) 20 August 2009Praising “visionary” US officials critically of sanctions, official newspapers call for lifting of sanctions. (Reuters) 20 August 2009USDA key leader, Maj Gen Htay Oo, also minister of agriculture and irrigation, arrives in Tokyo on one week visit, accompanied by senior ministry officials. (Irrawaddy) 21 August 2009Officials from Asean, after two days of debate, recommend that their foreign ministers issue a joint appeal to Burma’s rulers for the release of Aung San Suu Kyi, Indonesian foreign ministry spokesman Teuku Faizasyah. (DPA) 21 August 2009Ambassador Philip Goldberg, US coordinator for the implementation of UN sanctions on Pyongyang, says in Bangkok the Burmese military government made a commitment during the Asean Regional Forum (ARF) meetings in Phuket last month to implement the UN resolution. (AFP)----------------------------------------------- 售屋網---------------------------------Thai-Burma Relations18 August 2009Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA) and Thai authorities have met three times in Thasongyang district, Tak province, to cooperate on the return of IDPs. The process will begin on 24 August. (KIC) 18 August 2009Two Rohingya migrants aged 15 and 19, in a detention camp in Ranong, southern Thailand died during the last three months. They were part of the 55 arrested and held since January. UNHCR regional spokeswoman Kitty McKinsey says requests for access to the camp had not been granted. (Bangkok Post/Irrawaddy) 20 August 2009Immigration bureau commissioner Chatchawal Suksomjit says Rohingya will not be deported although the solution to the problem rests with the Asean governments. (Bangkok Post)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Politics/ Inside Burma19 August 2009Kachin Independence Organization’s last month demand: That the KIA transform itself to Kachin Regional Guard Force at a brigade level not controlled by the Burma Army That KI 室內設計O participates directly in the new Kachin State government after next year’s elections still has no response except for the request to extend the ceasefire agreement. New Democratic Army Kachin (NDA-K) and Kachin Defense Army (KDA) meanwhile have accepted the proposal to transform themselves to Border Guard Force and militia force in June. (KNG)20 August 2009International Crisis Group (ICG) says although the upcoming elections will not be free and fair without detained political dissidents, they “will fundamentally change the political landscape in a way the government may not be able to control…(Opportunities) may arise to push the new government toward reform and reconciliation.” (Jakarta Post) 21 August 2009Latest issues of The Voice and 7 Days quote the NLD spokesman Nyan Win. “She can receive guests. So I talked with her today for about an hour,” he is quoted as saying in 7 Days. “Sometimes they permit some to be printed. And then they tighten the screw again. So we can’t say this is the beginning of press freedom in our countries,” a reporter says. ( 農地貸款Mizzima)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Shans/ Shan State16 August 2009Shan activists in Chiangmai from various exile organizations meet for the first time since 2006 to exchange information and views to current situation. They used to hold a bi-monthly meeting called Shan Exchange until then. (SHAN) 21 August 2009Sao Yawdserk urges Asean to investigate Burma on its recent abuses and stop it from its killing spree before “more refugees flock into Thailand.” (SHAN)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Economy/ Business14 August 2009Testimony from villagers and former soldiers suggests that Burmese troops are forcing thousands of people to work portering, carrying wood and repairing roads in the Total pipeline areas, as confirmed by Steve Marshall, ILO spokesman, and Mathew Smith of Earth Rights International (ERI). (Independent UK) 17 August 2009Major ceasefire groups say they are putting on hold their business expansion plans until after 2010: Bugar owned by KIO operating in gems tour 面膜s, roads and bridge building UWSA’s rubber plantation operations Kokang’s investments in tea and rubber plantations Some groups are recalling their men based in Rangoon: KIO UWSA Kokang But KIO and Shan State Army “North” have denied it. (Mizzima)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Human Rights16 August 2009Almost 2,800 Burmese detained in Malaysian camps last month, more than double the 1,200 in January, partly due to a crackdown on human trafficking. “No soap for taking a shower.” We eat the food just to survive. They treat us like animals.” (AP) 18 August 2009Maj Gen Soe Win, in a meeting with Kachin Literature and Culture committee in July, rejected its request to construct a Kachin Manau pole and Manau house in Bhamo, the state’s second largest city, citing two reasons: Kachins already have both in Myitkyina There are different ethnic nationalities in Bhamo and constructing them may harm unity among them Kachins in India, Thailand and China are authorized to build their cultural symbols. (Kachin News Group)------------------- 情趣用品-------------------------------------------------------------Environment20 August 2009The Sittang’s water level started swelling on 7 August, flooding and destroying 10,000 acres of farmland in 10 days in 4 townships. They are in need of more agricultural loans from the junta. (DVB)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Drugs16 August 2009A Kengtung man Manas Srisuwan, 55, arrested in Nongkhai on drug charges. (Matichon Online)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------War20 August 2009There was a face off between the Burma Army and the KIA’s Battalion 6 in Phakant jadeland two weeks ago, following the floods and landslides. The battalion commander Maj Yawngba Shawng had reportedly threatened a Tit Thone Lone Co. to clear the roads in the affected areas. The fight was averted when the KIA HQ ordered not to shoot first. (KNG) See standoff between Kokang and Burma Army a week ago – Editor http://www.shanland.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2690:weekly-diary-no-365-15--21-august-2009-&catid=98:weekly-diary&Itemid= 辦公室出租271  .
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